How It Works

Select your own products or let us do the job for you

Choices, choices! Select a ready made box or customize your own xpressmart. With ready made boxes, we make sure you receive the freshest assortment of the best produces available on the market! You will benefit from our expertise, get to try new produce in season and only get the best of what's in stock! Know exactly what you want? When you customize your own box, you can be sure to get exactly the items you need.

Fresh produce prices are like the stock market -they fluctuate! Our main mission is to ensure we remain competitive and so always enjoy the lowest prices possible. We will always be quicker to lower our prices to benefit you than to pass an increase on to our customers -our commitment to you is that price fluctuations will always benefit our customers.


Your preference matters to us

At xpressmart we want to fit into your lifestyle! Which means you can choose between a one time order or bi weekly or a bi-weekly delivery.

Choosing one of the recurring delivery options is an amazing hassle free solution! You can then choose your weekly essentials and have them automatically delivered to your doorstep every week, you don't even need to come back to the website! We will bring you peace of mind and will save you time, plus you can add or remove items from your order before each delivery.

You can also pause, skip or cancel anytime without any charges.

At your Doorstep

Our chilled vans and team of drivers deliver all across UAE for your convenience.
Want to change your delivery list? Just log into your account and add or remove anything you want from your cart up until 11am the day before delivery! It's that simple.


And you are done

At xpressmart we deal almost exclusively with farms and farmers and cutting out middlemen. It helps ensure the best quality and freshest produce at great prices.

We do not hold any stock and we deliver as soon as possible after harvest, from farm to table in record time. The fresher, the better!